Order and Payment Method

Hello from ELFITA!

If you like to purchase any item from our ELFITA tools or order bespoke tools, please follow the steps stated below;

STEP 1. Make a list of items you wish to buy, including extra option if there is.

STEP 2. Send us the email about 
①. the list you have made or the specifications of your custom-built tools, 
②. your personal details(name and address) 
③. one of the payment methods written below. 

Our Email Address : elfitakorea@gmail.com

 if you want to pay by PayPal and want to receive an invoice through PayPal, please tell us to do so when sending an email.

STEP 3. We will inform you the total price including the shipping fee; the shipping fee is varied by the destination country and weight of the package. 
※ If you have requested an invoice on PayPal, we will be informing you the total price by sending the invoice to your email address.
※ We used to add tax on some excessive total price of purchase according to the custom duty, but we rather changed pricing which already includes tax. Therefore, all the prices written under each tool are the value added with tax already.
※ All the prices will be converted into USD from WON; you must make the payment in USD accordingly.

STEP 4. If you have made a final decision to buy, please send us the payment through one of the methods written below.
※ if you have not told us your full address in detail, please tell us your address exactly after making payment. If you pay by PayPal, you may choose the shipping address while sending money.
※ the items will be shipped once we receive the payment from you. After your item is handed over to the carrier, we will email you with the tracking digits.

 We can receive the payment from abroad by wire transfer: Western Union or Bank transfer to our bank account based in South Korea or by PayPal.

Email Account : elfitakorea@gmail.com

If you want us to send you an invoice, please mention when you write an email to us as stated in Step 2 above.
The money has to be sent to us in USD that is confirmed to you by email.
※ for the faster process, you may choose 'Shipping Address' and write down the tools you are paying for on 'Email to recipient' when you are sending payment on PayPal. There will be no problem even if you send money as personal payments.

-Wire Transfer or Bank Transfer-
You will need to know the information required as transferring the money. When you email us with the list of items, please tell us whether you will pay by bank transfer or Western Union. Then, we will reply back to you with our information.

If you want to know more about the method of wire transfer, please click this link : www.westernunion.com. We usually recommend our customers abroad to pay through Western Union, because it is the fastest way to proceed; the payment can be updated within five minutes from the moment you send it online or offline on Western Union.
※After you have sent us the money, you must tell us your full name used in Western Union and MTCNs so that we can receive your payment.

We also offer discounts on total prices when you buy one type of tools in bulk.
For example, when you buy 20 European Clamps, we may sell those at a discount of 20 percent.
The percentage of discount differs in quantity and the price and depends on how many quantity of one tool you like to purchase.  

For any other inquiry, please contact us via email!

Thank you

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  1. you accept the payment is PayPal ?

  2. What would the shipping charge be for South Dakota in the USA? Thanks Cliff Martin.

    1. Hello Martin,

      Thank you for contacting ELFITA!

      We sincerely apologize about the late reply.

      If you tell me your email address, we will send a reply to you.

      Please send us the email. (Our Email Address : elfitakorea@gmail.com)

    2. We have replied to you according to the inquiry. You'll be able to find out more details in the email. Please check your inbox. Thank you!

  3. I have sent 3 emails for a price for some tools but haven't received a reply
    Regards Dave

    1. Hello David

      I sincerely apologize about the late reply.

      There had been a personal matter for me. So, I could not do the work. I am so sorry about it.

  4. How do I buy table top stitching pony?

    1. Hello Roland,

      Thank you for contacting ELFITA!

      We will send reply to your e-mail. So, please let us know your e-mail address.

      Thank you!

    2. The reply, please send to our email address.


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  6. I have tried to change my order but you have not answered. please can you update the order and send an email to me. thanks so much

    daniel ankarstrand

  7. what are the measurements of your PERFORATIVE PUNCH PRESS? Thanks M.

  8. Hi if i want to buy the stamping machine, do you sell the brass stamp mold for the letters?

  9. Hallo
    send to Germeny ?
    and how much are the shipping costs

  10. Hola desearia poder comprarles su producto TABLET PONY para SPAIN, el pago seria por PAY-PAL

  11. сколько стоит доставка вукраину?